Israeli intelligence Startups

Israeli intelligence Startups


#CODE_n CONTEST for international startups in the field of intelligence.

Innovative and disruptive business models and digital pioneers wanted:

Apply by May 13, 2018! #intelligenceX0 #startup #competition and get your breakthrough business idea discovered!

With #blockchain we are entering a new age of even more useful #AI systems that will make our lives safer and more convenient. Blockchain could be the most disruptive tech of the year. Is your startup developing applications in the field? Apply for the #CODE_n #CONTEST! #cryptography #blockchain #digital #trends #shakingindustries

Who can apply?

The 2018 CODE_n CONTEST is looking for the most exciting founders and companies who are endeavoring to lead the charge of digital transformation through pioneering technologies in the categories of Machine Intelligence, Beyond Reality, and Cryptographic Trust. Only companies founded in 2013 or later are eligible to apply.

What’s in it for you?

_Grand total of €30,000 in prize money

_Win the prestigious CODE_n Award

_Receive free exhibition space at the extraordinary CODE_n event for three days

_Present your unique business concept to new customers, partners, investors, and the press

_Gain access to industry leaders and hidden champions and create potential partnerships

_Participate in matchmaking and get discovered

_Join the CODE_n Community, consisting of 252 CONTEST Alumni, high-profile corporations, and digital pioneers

For details on the application procedure and background information on the CODE_n CONTEST, please see the FAQs.

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